A versatile student, with a passion for filmmaking, seeking an outlet in the world of cinema and videography.


Adobe Creative Cloud 14 Editing Skills 14 Writing 12 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 10 Editing 9 Screenwriting 9 Adobe After Effects CC 8 Videography 5 Canon DSLR 5 Editing Software 4 Adobe Premiere CC 4 Photography 4 Cinematography 4 Story Development 4 Planning & Organizing Skills 3 Characterization 3 Film Making 3 Film Editing 3 Film Directing 3 Interview Skills 3 Creative Writing 3 Interview Preparation 3 Directing Talent 3 Marketing 3 Video Editing 2 Color Correction 2 Composition 2 Photo Editing 2 Adobe Lightroom 2 Photoshop 2 Music Analysis 2 Video Advertising 2 Planning / Scheduling 2 Visual Effects 2 Script Format 2 Communication 2 Directing 1 Canon 80D 1 Planning 1 animation 1 Creative Content 1 Comedy 1 Film Festivals 1 Concept Development 1 Video Camera Operation 1 Leadership 1 Writing Analysis 1 Music Appreciation 1 Text Editing 1 Car Photography 1 Sound Design 1 Music editing 1 Premiere Pro CC 1 Promoter 1 Non Profit 1 Independent 1 Video Editing - After Effects & Premiere Pro 1 Lightroom CC 1 Graphics 1 Planning & Execution of Events 1 Adobe After Effects 1 Vehicles 1 organization 1 Illustrator CC 1 Experimental 1 3D Animation 1 Motion Graphics 1 Story Telling 1 Videographer 1 Microsoft Office 0 Lightroom 0 Final Cut Pro 0 Premiere 0 Final Cut Pro X 0 Adobe Photoshop CC 0 Music Videos 0 sheets 0 Premiere Pro 0 filmography 0 slides 0 Excel 0 google docs 0 file organization 0 Dolly Grip 0 Film 0 Belief 0 Filming 0 including Word 0 Greet Customers 0 Collaboration 0 HTTPS 0 -Microsoft Office 0 Aspen 0 Photo Composition 0 After Effects 0 Illustrator. 0 -Final Cut Pro 0 -AVID ProTools 0 MOST 0 Server 0 and tracking. 0 Production 0 food orders 0 Client Work 0 Spreadsheets 0 People skills 0 File Management 0 Organizing 0 Soft Skills 0 PowerPoint 0
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Columbia College Chicago
Bachelor's of Arts Filmmaking (2021)
Johnson County Community College


NBC Universal
Campus U Representative
Nobody Reads Studios
Trailer Editor & Marketer for "When Night Stands Fast"
Robo Aerial
Production Intern
Columbia College Chicago
Film Row Cinema Technician and Projectionist
Camp Wayne for Boys
IATSE 476 Studio Mechanics
Dolly Grip

Member Since January 23, 2019

American Cancer Society Wichita - Client Work

I worked closely with employees in the American Cancer Society to produce a promotional video for their...


The Hidden - Feature Film

The Hidden is a student-made full-length feature film from the eCommunication Academy at Olathe Northwest...


KindCraft - Client Work

Working closely with the CEO, I created a promotional video for KindCraft, a Kansas-local organization...

Staff Pick

The End of the Tunnel - Short Film

A short film written, directed, shot, and edited by myself. This was the winner of the eMagine Media...


Earth Zoom - Visual Effects

With years of experience in Adobe After Effects, I am able to accomplish basic visual effects and animation...


Late - Giphy Film Festival Submission

As a submission for the Giphy Film Festival, my teammates and I created an 18-second film that is loopable...


Always Wear a Helmet - Short Film

Working with and directing my classmates, we created a short film for our class project. I learned how...


Musical Connection - Short Film

As the writer and director, working alongside my classmates, we developed a short film for a class project...


Mazda RX-8 - Car Photography

Photos of a 2004 Red Mazda RX-8.


Courtney and Michael - Wedding Video

As the wedding videographer, I follow the bride, groom, and any other important entity, capturing memorable...


First Steps - Video Project

This was an experimental project, exploring non-linear editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro and...


Joyride - Public Service Announcement

Pushin for road safety, I focused on the perspective of motorcyclists and their lack of acknowledgment...