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Design 7 Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop 5 design And Development 5 Design and Layout 5 Design Concepts 5 Graphic Degisn 4 Illustrator 4 Graphic Design - Adobe InDesign 3 illustrator,photoshop,indesign,design, 3 design,graphicdesign,packagaing,packagaingdesign,advertise 3 Illustrator CS6 3 Graphic Design 3 Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator 3 design & layout 3 Design : 3 Photoshop 3 design,layout,globaldesigninitiative,graphicdesign 2 Packaging Design 2 Graphic Arts 2 Photoshop Indesign 2 Photoshop CS6 2 Graphic Designer 2 Packaging 2 Graphic Communication 1 Nature 1 Illustration and design 1 Editorial 1 retouching 1 Publication Design 1 Planned 1 Fashion Trends 1 Upkeep 1 Photo and Video 1 Organization & prioritization skills 1 Mock-Ups 1 Editorial design 1 gatorade 1 Adobe Photoshop 1 Advertisement 1 Editing Software 1 Illustration 1 InDesign ) 1 global warming 1 posterdesign,designer,series,colorfuldesign 1 Chicago 1 Photoshop CC 1 photoshop, indesign,designer,graphicdesign, 1 illustrator,indesign,book,bookbinding,creative,design,art 1 Digital Photography 1 Adobe : Photoshop 1 Book binding 1 Booking 1 book design 1 Illustrator ) 1 design,posters,graphicdesign,designer,illustrator,photoshop 1 Photoshop Elements 1 Photoshop CS5 1 Photoshop CS4 1 Photoshop Cs3 1 Photoshop. 1 designer 1 Design & Analysis 1 Bank of America 1 organization 1 Creativity 1 design analysis 1 aiga 1 Interpersonal 1 Specifications 1 chicago marathon 1 Branding & Identity 1 Illustrator CS5 1 describe 1 Detail Oriented 1 organization,design,illustrator,photoshop,indesign 1 Adobe InDesign 0 Adobe Illustrator 0 Adobe Photoshop 0 HTML 0 Drawing 0 Photo Editing 0 Creative 0 A Wide Range 0 Adobe Creative Cloud 0 Implementation 0 Adobe Creative Suite 0
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Columbia College Chicago
Bachelor Graphic Design (2019)
DeVry University-Indiana
Business of Administration (2020)
Columbia College-Chicago
Bachelors of Art Graphic Design Web Page & Multimedia (2019)


Columbia College Chicago
TRIO Peer Coach
Banana Republic
Sales Associate
Columbia College Chicago
American Academy of Art

Member Since April 3, 2018

Salvador Dali

The goal of this projects was to choose our favorite surrealist artist from there we were tasked with...



The objective of this project was to re-brand Gatorade, we were tasked with taking an existing branding...


Orbit Gum Project

The primary goal for this project was to develop graphic packaging designs for Orbit gum that are inspired...


What comes After Remix?

This project was based on Lev Manovich article “What Comes after Remix“ He says we will get eventually...


Global Warming Project

The objective of this project was to create a series of posters that represented the effects of Global...


Chicago Marathon

This poster was designed for the Chicago Marathon, I had fun playing with the text and colors in order...



This project was designed for the AIGA Design Conference. I wanted to create an illustration using text...


Skull Candy/ Nintendo Co-Brand Project

The primary goal of this project is to conceptualize a co-branded product concept based on your pre-selected...


Global Design Initiative

The Global Design Initiative is driven by five international, globally oriented Art and Design Universities...


Singapore Jazz Festival

The Singapore International Jazz Festival is a huge event that brings together many local and international...


Antiwar Project

The objective of this project was to create a series of posters that represented the effects of War...