Junior Filmmaking Major focusing on Writing/Directing


Columbia College Chicago
Bachelors Filmmaking (2022)

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A webseries I directed and produced that began in early-2017 and ended mid-2019. The series is about...


Thanksgiving Break The Movie

A found-footage style movie I made while seeing family for Thanksgiving. The film itself isn't anything...


"Thank You Diego" - A Documentary By JoJo Scanlon

this was a documentary I made about a story my friend Dani told me. When he lived in Puerto Rico, he...


Just Be Friends

Just Be Friends was a film I directed and had a hand in writing during my first semester of college...


Trust The Process

Trust The Process is an experimental film I made for my first-semester foundations class. The movie...


UNIQERS "No More Boring Sneakers" Ad Campaign

"No More Boring Shoes" is an ad campaign I did for Uniqers; a shoe company stationed in China. I originally...


Do Supplies Last?

"Do Supplies Last" is a collection of images I made surrounding the idea of what capitalism means in...


Dancing in Silence (Damatte Odoru)

Dancing in Silence is an experimental short I did as a final project for my Image Design class. Our...


The Sphere

The Sphere is a sound experiment I made for my New Genres final project. The basic concept I came up...


Final Lap - Animated Short Film

Final Lap is a short film I wrote/directed for my Directing 1 class. Originally, this project was supposed...


Community Movie Spec Script

Over the summer between my sophomore and junior year at Columbia College Chicago, I had moved back in...