2018 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards - Part One
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2018 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards - Part One

2018 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards - Part One


Published: December 3, 2019 0 0 115
By: Alton Gooden, Columbia College Chicago
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In 2018, I volunteered for the 50th Midwest Emmy Award Show as a Production Assistant.

This was my first of many live shows that I've worked, and the first Emmy Award show that I volunteered for that was streamed to Youtube.

As a part of the production crew, I aided in setting up the stage for building the lighting equipment with the crew, setting up camera angles, and spot lighting talent.

Since this was my first live award show, I expected it to be more fast paced, and at certain times, it was. However, since a lot of it was waiting for the next show, there were times in the show where I wasn't doing much, which was to be expected. Since they didn't know me at the time, I had to show the what I could do, and what I was capable of doing.