2019 Magnificent Mile Lights Festival
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2019 Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

2019 Magnificent Mile Lights Festival


Published: December 3, 2019 0 0 132
By: Alton Gooden, Columbia College Chicago
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This was my first Light Festival I worked with ABC7 in Chicago.

For this live show, I was a Set Stage Hand, Set Utility, and Camera Utility

What I learned on this project was that every little job that you do matters. I was doing a lot on this set prior to the show; from helping setting up the stage to helping setting up the cameras. I was working a lot with the camera crew. During the actual show, I was cable pulling for one of the camera operators.

The challenge in cable pulling during the show was my height. Since I am tall, I always have to make adjustments to make sure that I'm not in the shot. That is something I'm always willing to do. Another challenge, which was something I wasn't used to at first, was to cable pull for an active camera operator. I made sure that there were no tangles and made sure I wasn't in the way of anyone and helping when I can.