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Published: September 20, 2019 1 0 151
By: Katherine Durnik, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Other

Project | 03

Abandoned | 3D Environment Model & Design (WIP)

This is a sci-fi based concept that I am currently working on. I was provided with concept images of the industrial fan, pillars, and walkways while being challenged to add my own concept to intertwine it all with. I decided that this is an abandoned factory and has been overgrown with vines and various plants. I believe that the plants will provide a great contrast to the rigid structures and concrete textures. This is week 10 of my progress and I will continuously update this page along the way. I am working in Autodesk Maya 2018. I am lighting the scene, unwrapping and texturing at this point. I have two test rendered shots and previous images of the scene on wireframe.


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