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Published: November 3, 2019 0 0 163
By: Ian Jeannin, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Mobile App Design
Hashtags: #App #Creative #Mobile

AcHuestic is a collaborative project between Ian Jeannin, Parker Hamilton, Carly Mack, and Nick Tummillo. It was created in our Authoring Interactive Media class using Processing.
The goal was to design an app that would keep commuters listening to Audiobooks focused on their books rather than outside distractions. To do so, this doodling tools offers a number of simple actions designed to keep users busy without distracting them from their book.
We only had 4 weeks to learn and make the game with. Only Ian had prior experience with the Processing programming language in high-school.
Perhaps the greatest challenge of this project was figuring out how to rotate selected shapes. None of the group members knew how to do so, and it took a lot of time and research to figure it out and make it rotate for as long as the player held down, while not going too fast.
Were we to continue this project, we would likely try to add more variety, as well as more clear controls, likely using a different programming language/engine.


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