After School Matters Promotional Animation Video
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After School Matters Promotional Animation Video

After School Matters Promotional Animation Video


Published: March 22, 2019 0 0 101
By: Jonathan Ontiveros, Columbia College-Chicago
Category: Marketing & Advertising
Hashtags: #adobeaftereffects #Advertisement #Animatic #Brainstorming #Design #Editing #MotionGraphics #musicarrangement #promotionalvideo #storyboarding

For my Motion Graphics 1 Midterm, I created a 30-second motion graphics promotional animation video for the not-for-profit organization AFTER SCHOOL MATTERS. Initial research, as well as a mood board, storyboard, animatic, and a brainstorming diagram, were implemented into this project. Every borrowed piece of footage was filmed by the students from the not-for-profit organization. The choice of music came from the music artist Podington Bear, and the name of the song is called Airlift. The main software that was used for this project was Adobe After Effects.

AFTER SCHOOL MATTERS was a fun, unique, and actively engaging experience that made an everlasting impact on me. My hope is that this video evokes that same energy back to the audience, and can inspire the youth to get involved.


Music Artist: Podington Bear
Song Name: Airlift

Name of Video: “What Matters”
Video Link: