Assignment 6 - Metamorphosis
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Assignment 6 - Metamorphosis

Assignment 6 - Metamorphosis


Published: July 13, 2019 1 0 185
By: Michael Anthony Cuevas, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Animation
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Assignment 6 - Metamorphosis:

This is the sixth assignment and also our midterm project that we worked on in our Animation 105 class at Columbia College Chicago.

We each had to bring in a photo of whatever we wanted to animate. Each student brought in two copies of the photo and then passed one to the person sitting next to us in class.

I brought in a picture I took of a Pikachu toy and my classmate brought in a picture of Sonic. The main objective of the project was to eventually have all of the individual animations morph into one another.

This was my part of the project. First is the line test drawings and the second part is the final colored version of what I animated.


Michael Anthony Cuevas