Assignment 7 - Final Project: "In & Out"
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Assignment 7 - Final Project: "In & Out"

Assignment 7 - Final Project: "In & Out"


Published: July 13, 2019 1 0 221
By: Michael Anthony Cuevas, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Animation
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Assignment 7 - Final Project - Students Choice: "In & Out"

I don't own the rights to the music or the sounds used in this animation that I made. I was able to find them online on a website called:

This is the seventh assignment and our final project that we worked on in our Animation 105 class at Columbia College Chicago.

We each had to choose one of the forms of animation that we worked on previously in our class. I decided to choose a combination of the puppet animation or paper cut out and also hand drawn.

I filmed the entire thing on DragonFrame using paper cutouts then I transferred all the images into my iPad Pro and colored them using Procreate to make it look like Pac-Man and the Ghosts were going in and out of their game.


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