Benny's Room
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Benny's Room

Benny's Room


Published: June 6, 2018 0 0 224
By: Owen Rodriguez, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Art #Design #Film #productiondesign #Props #setdesign #styling

Director: Keseni Avonavi
Producer: Samantha Quill
Cinematographer: Andrew Skalak

Benny's Room was one of the first films that I really got to focus on the color palette during its production. One of the biggest challenges for this film was working with a small budget while still maintaining the colors that the director and I wanted to use for each scene. I stuck with a using blues to show the grief in each character and to set the tone of the film then added red to show that the death of the Benny was still an appreciate issue that the characters had to face and hard to accept.