Bob's Volcano Island Illustrations
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Bob's Volcano Island Illustrations

Bob's Volcano Island Illustrations


Published: October 30, 2019 0 0 120
By: Devonte Griffith, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Illustration
Hashtags: #Cartoon #Character #CharacterDesign #Drawing #Illustration #Photoshop #Sketch

This is a series of illustration project based on my personal universe of Bob's Volcano Island. An island containing all sorts of lithographic characters of diverse shapes and sizes on this uncharted island. Most of it center around Bob, a kind hearted hero who is a Volcanian boy of great power and responsibility.

What I've learned with this project is to really get started establishing my universe and really showcasing all sorts of fun characters that come to mind. As I am someone who is heavily inspired by the shows I've grow up with and want to consider creating my own characters I would consider my property.


Relaxing on Volcano Island 8.5 MB
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