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Published: March 2, 2019 2 0 566
By: Sarah Pyne, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
Hashtags: #Editing #Film #Marketing #Production #Promo #Shortfilm #Video

Boysugar follows Levi, a transmasculine performer under the alias Boysugar, through a single perilous and magical night. In Levi's lowest moment, a spectacular and other-worldly queen named Glimmer comes to his rescue. Glimmer escorts Levi to the land of the Club Kids, where he learns to embrace acceptance and unlock his true destiny as Boysugar.

While our director aims to tell an authentically queer narrative, they also hope that people of all identities will be able to connect with Boysugar.

Essentially, Boysugar is a story about how acceptance can unlock a person's full potential.

Boysugar is an advanced student film that is shooting in the March 2019.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Adrianna Hartburg
  • Katrina Mulligan
  • Mia Elliott
  • Montana Mason


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