Brad Varsity - Homecoming (ft. Jake Hallendorff)
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Brad Varsity - Homecoming (ft. Jake Hallendorff)

Brad Varsity - Homecoming (ft. Jake Hallendorff)


Published: April 8, 2020 0 0 187
By: Taylor (Tj) Joe, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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Being part of this crew was awesome! One of the most memorable projects from my time at Columbia. I really got to understand how smaller crews operated and took on a broad range responsibilities. I aided the Director in many ways, for instance, during the pre-production phase I contributed by finding the locations where some of the main scenes would be shot at.

During production I was able to help in achieving some of the unique shots in the video by overseeing lighting of the subject and even pushing a wheelchair in order for the camera operator to achieve a dolly-like movement.

When not directly helping the Director, I would be taking behind-the-scenes photos to promote the video on instagram.

We used a mirrorless Lumix camera as the primary camera. Our team used portable LED lights that had temperature dials along with a drone in order to capture the unique opening shot over Chicago.

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