Building Relationships
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Building Relationships

Building Relationships


Published: April 2, 2020 0 0 137
By: Marcia Eastmond, Columbia College Chicago
Category: General Learning

Part B.
Darlene Jackson

Creative Industry Liaison

1. How did you get your current job?

Someone in personal connection at Columbia, 2015, looking for someone in music, was in music industry for 25 years.

2. What does your day to day work entail?

Three things: meet with students 101, advice portfolio develop, creating/curating events, industry outreach (building with professional)

3. Which skills have been most important in your career?

Leadership—Known as DJ Lady Gee, having a collective and crew, , not waiting on png on people to invite you to participate

Having a strong knowledge base--

Problem solving—finding solution to problems, as skill you can apply to anything,

Was writing when she wasn’t doing dj gigs,

4. Does your current employer have any jobs that you think are a fit for me?

Internships are hard to find for now

5. Based on my interests and background, is there anyone in your network who would be a good contact for me?

Yes, Michelle Hayes (Hayes, talent), Claudia Wallace (second city), both casting directors

Part C

Discuss two challenges you might face when trying to meet people along your career path?

1. Getting the courage to even interact with those people. It is sometimes hard to strike a conversation with people.
2. A person is not willing to connect. Just because I'm interested in them doesn't mean that the network connection will immediately start to happen.