Capturing Fear
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Capturing Fear

Capturing Fear


Published: June 21, 2019 0 0 157
By: Valhalla Villarreal, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Game Design
Hashtags: #3D #Design #Game #GameDesign #Photoshop #Videogamewriting

I was really inspired by indie games such as Close Your Eyes and Fran Bow where you could quite literally change your perspective. I still remember the chilling moment where your vision changed in Close Your Eyes and the footsteps came towards you. This is what inspired me to go in the direction of the horror genre. I became highly proficient at working the UI to create a main menu and texturing the level. Along the way I learned how to work the Unity camera to actively appear in the background at a certain view. I also got a better understanding on how to design a level such as the exterior walls of the hotel.

One of the bigger challenges was the designing phase. We knew we wanted a spooky hotel, but it was expressing to the artists what we wanted that was tricky. I solved this by going to an actual hotel and taking pictures of the hallways, textures that I found matched what I was going for. This allowed the artists a better view into what we were looking for. From there it was figuring out what could realistically work. The team and I remedied this situation by drawing out the game step by step visually and seeing any flaws in the plan before implementing the game.

In the end we successfully made the game we wanted to make in three weeks. On the first day of publishing the game we have nearly 100 views and 37 downloads. I couldn't be prouder!

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