Published: June 20, 2019 0 0 181
By: Dave Mcgonigal, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Music
Hashtags: #Audio #dubstep #Music #music_composition #music_production #music_theory

This was a project I did as a student at Columbia earlier in my time there as a student. While some of my newer work has evolved, this project always stuck out to me as one that really showcased my compositional skills. Note this is an unmixed version of the track, however I think that the pre-mix version is good enough to make it enjoyable to listen to.
I learned a lot about using different techniques and instruments to compose. A lot of it was about finding sounds that had strong harmonic content and placing them musically where they were supposed to go. See, this project was intended to be sort of like a dubstep song that made the dubstep noises with bird sounds and was more ambient and sort of relaxed, not quite as aggressive as typical dubstep.
This project involved lots of sound design and a lot of the challenges I found in working on this track is that I was very much still learning and new to mixing audio, but I knew that it was an essential component to getting my track to sound the way I wanted it to. Coming from a musical background it was hard to separate the audio from the music, but I think thats something working on this project taught me. I spent a lot of time trying to get eq curves right and levels as well as the right level of reverb. It was really a turning point in the way I wrote my own music and it accelerated my interest and study of audio.
The results were good, those I've shared it with have all remarked about the interesting composition and palette of sounds that were used in this piece.


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