Edit 2 - CINE 230: Project 1
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Edit 2 - CINE 230: Project 1

Edit 2 - CINE 230: Project 1

  • Timeline of the Avid Project.


Published: October 29, 2019 2 0 221
By: Jello Thompson, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
Hashtags: #Avid #AVIDMediaComposer #AVIDProTools #Editing #editingskills #NLE #sound #sound_design #sound_editing #sound_mixing #Video #video_editing #video_editor #video_production

Project 1 of CINE 230 - Edit 2 involved re-editing a scene from a Columbia College Chicago Practicum Project, In a Quiet House. This introductory project tasks students with learning Avid Media Composer and using the basics of non-linear editing. The assignment was to dive into using Avid to either cut, following the script or make your own creative edit. In addition to the edit, students are tasked with making a comprehensive sound mix incorporating location sound, sound effects, and score.


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