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Published: March 8, 2019 2 0 314
By: Lily Indie, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Animation
Hashtags: #Animation #Critical #criticalfail #criticalmiss #criticalsuccess #d20 #DICE #DnD #dragonframe #dungeonsanddragons #objectanimation #polyhedral #stopmotion #stopmotiona

Object animation assignment for Animation course at Columbia College Chicago.

For this first practice assignment, we were asked to, at the very least, create a ten second stop-motion animation of an object moving around the light table to get a basic idea of timing. Since I had never had any experience with animation software, I decided to go all in to really learn my way around. I painted the background and bag, using multiple dice, paper cutouts, and a background track to create a longer and more complex piece.

In an homage to Dungeons and Dragons, a set of polyhedral dice roll themselves playfully across the table, all landing on their best possible outcome, save for the twenty-sided die, landing on 1; a "critical failure." The other dice work together to push it over to a 20, a "critical success."


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