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Published: August 8, 2019 0 0 226
By: Andrew Morris, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Photography
Hashtags: #Art #Chicago #chicagoart #fineartphotography #Lightroom #Photo #Photograph #Photography #PhotoManipulation #Photoshop #streetphotogrpahy

Crossroads is an project of seamlessly composited street images that investigate the relationship we have with our surroundings and how we interact in an urban landscape. At first glance, an image may look like a traditional street photo, but the scenes that are presented are fictitious. The large majority of residents in these large cities have a familiarity with its architecture and street design, but, when taken out of context, they start to question what is truth and what is fiction when looking at a traditionally truthful medium and subject matter.

When I first moved to Chicago, the city was overwhelming with the ever expanding reach of skyscrapers and architecture. I became fascinated with how the city defined the people who live there. As one becomes familiar with their surroundings, they develop an awareness of space and a sense of belonging to the city. These photographs work to create a relationship between fact and fantasy because the photograph is seen as an inherently truthful artform. By making seamless composites, the audience has no reason to believe that the images are constructions. Manipulating the architecture and city structure creates a new space, but keeps the familiarity of those who look at the work.