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Daisy Script

Daisy Script


Published: August 3, 2020 1 0 152
By: El Concepcion, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Writing
Hashtags: #Creativewriting #Screenplay #Script #script_writing #Writing

I wrote "Daisy" for my Cinematic Storytelling class. This project was quite different for me because it was a while since I had written a short film. I feel like the class helped me a lot when it comes to how I approach my scriptwriting. Aside from being aware of proper format now, I think the biggest take away I got from this project was learning how to develop my ideas before trying to write them all out as a script. Earlier in my career, I was very eager to start my projects, and I would want to go from idea to script immediately. However, because of Cinematic Storytelling, I learned that the final product of an idea could turn out even better if you take some time to develop it first.


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