Dancing in Silence (Damatte Odoru)
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Dancing in Silence (Damatte Odoru)

Dancing in Silence (Damatte Odoru)


Published: January 8, 2020 0 0 118
By: JoJo Scanlon, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Creative & Performance

Dancing in Silence is an experimental short I did as a final project for my Image Design class. Our assignment was to make a short film with no audio, and in dedication of my instructor Claudia Paraskiv who recently informed my class of her ongoing struggle with MS, I wanted to make something experimental and special for her to see. Something to let her know that she might be getting on the ship for another voyage, but she left a lasting print on the people she taught while she was on this one.

You can download and remix the project with whatever song/sounds you heard! Just keep the credits and send me a copy so I can share the ongoing updates with the experiment!!

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