Dear Inner City
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Dear Inner City

Dear Inner City


Published: March 13, 2020 3 0 168
By: Lauren Elise, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Acting
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I played the lead role in a student film, called Dear Inner City. This story captured the stigmas of homelessness, and breaking the cycle of poverty for yourself and the ones you love- no matter how challenging it will be and the sacrifices you will have to make. This project was meaningful to me because I grew up in Washington, DC- a highly populated homeless area- and felt as though there was no way to help those who didn’t have a home or didn’t know where their next meal would come from. From this film however, I found that I could help in my own way- through my acting. As an actor you are responsible for holding the mirror to mankind and bringing awareness to issues our society faces. With Dear Inner City, I was able to shine a light on homelessness, discuss the stigmas around being homeless, and impact audiences.

Dear Inner City was directed and produced by Jazmin Bryant.

*Dear Inner City premiered in The Black Harvest and Collected Voices Film Festival in 2019.


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