Dearborn Denim Redesign & Event
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Dearborn Denim Redesign & Event

Dearborn Denim Redesign & Event


Published: April 7, 2020 0 0 106
By: Isabella J. Guerrero, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Fashion
Hashtags: #Businessdevelopment #Businessplan #dearborndenim #denim #Design #Eventplanning #Fashion #FloorPlan #Floorplandesign #Jewelry #Merchandising #mockups #Redesign #Research #Visual #visual_prototype

Revised existing floor plan with design layouts, mock up store views, along with new sourced fixtures, and a planogram for the retailer Dearborn Denim. Incorporated original floor plan, measurements, existing designs, fixtures, and store photos to compare and contrast with the new changes. The purpose of this project was to improve opportunities the store had as well as promoting the new products each group created. In addition to this, we created an event the store will host in order to drive in store sales and increase foot traffic.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Alonna Traylor
  • Chelsea Nickel
  • Jordan Benson
  • Nadia Andrade
  • Rodrigo Perez
  • Yulissa Urbieta