Demonstrating Networking
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Demonstrating Networking

Demonstrating Networking


Published: September 8, 2020 0 0 49
By: Ora Damelin, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Professional Development
Hashtags: #Coverage #Development

Last April, I signed up for a Coverage Workshop through the Career Center. I was looking to improve my Coverage-writing skills prior to applying for internships that would require me to write sample coverage. Professor John Rangel helped walk us through the process and format of reading, summarizing, and breaking down a script.

Afterwards, he sent us a script, and we sent in coverage for feedback.

Working with John as he criticized my coverage helped me to sharpen the skills that I now use almost every day at my current internship, writing coverage. He pushed me to write more succinctly, to cut to the core of a scene in summery, and check over my work multiple times, a habit that I have thankfully retained. My sample coverage landed me a guaranteed interview for the summer internship program at another larger company that was unable to hire me for this fall.