Directing a Short Film - Forsaken
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Directing a Short Film - Forsaken

Directing a Short Film - Forsaken


Published: July 20, 2020 0 0 83
By: Dara McClure, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Creative & Performance
Hashtags: #Creativewriting #Director #directorofphotography #Editing #Film #Production #studentfilm #Writing

The inspiration behind this story connects back to a time where I felt most betrayed by a close friend. The ex-friend of mine made me realize that a real friend won't ever forsake or abandoned you. In this short scene, my goal was to bring to light the self-guilt and shame someone would have when he or she has betrayed a person they 'love'. I think this film does an excellent job at setting the atmosphere of brokenness through the color temperature. It begins colds and passive, which is the behavior of the character, then it transitions into warmer tones from the intensity of the main character's anger. I know that the story can always be tweaked, but I am sure that the message is still clear.

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