Do Supplies Last?
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Do Supplies Last?

Do Supplies Last?


Published: August 1, 2019 1 0 205
By: JoJo Scanlon, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Art & Design
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"Do Supplies Last" is a collection of images I made surrounding the idea of what capitalism means in a society where everything surrounds social media attention and hype. Originally, I wanted to make these pieces and put them in a physical space so people could walk around them and socialize but I realized halfway through the project that it makes more sense for it to be online in the space that it's poking fun at.

Most of the pieces were made on July 11th, 2019, which was 7 Eleven Day or more commonly known as Free Slurpee Day. On that day, 7 Eleven tweeted a photo of the Stranger Things 3 character Alexei drinking a slurpee to promote the event. For some reason, it set me off and I had to make the first piece of the collection; Kanon. In each piece's caption I'm going to go more in-depth on the inspiration behind all of the images and what each one means to me personally.

I've always wanted to try my hand at Contemporary Art and in a way this collection was my way of seeing if it were something I'd want to pursue. By making a collection of images, I'd have to put myself in the same headspace that a lot of Contemporary Artists do when they're creating art- and through that I would be able to figure out if this were something I'd like to do. I think this collection made me realize how difficult it actually is to make art that leaves the meaning up to the observer, but I very much enjoyed the process.

Click the (i) symbol beneath the images to read their captions and learn more about the pieces!!


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