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Do The Math

Do The Math


Published: October 23, 2019 0 0 155
By: Luca Silver, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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A monologue, entirely in close-up -- written the night before, rehearsed 30 minutes earlier, and shot in 2 hours. Completed in 3 days. Won second place in the national STN Fall Contest competition.

This project began as just a prompt, the title "Do The Math." The class was in the midst of talking about monologues, so I began thinking of it as such, told in just 3 shots. I was inspired by other monologues, from the likes of Network (1976) and Frances Ha (2012).

Everything about the film came organically: the stripped-down style of it came from a lack of time for production; the black-and-white came from a desire to focus on words rather than image; the fixed-focus and jump-cut editing came from not only the character's state of mind, but a need to cut and refine the monologue itself.

I learned a lot from this project, namely about the structure of a scene: A scene, or in this case, a monologue, must have its own miniature structure within the structure of the larger film. Turning points, rising and falling, all that. I seem to have gotten away with it here, but this was the inception of me thinking about it in a new way, something I'm still working on getting better at today.