Doritos | Revival 2018 (Spec. Commercial)
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Doritos | Revival 2018 (Spec. Commercial)

Doritos | Revival 2018 (Spec. Commercial)


Published: October 19, 2019 1 0 169
By: Nikos Paschalis, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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A speculative commercial that I directed, shot, edited, colored, and cast for my film production class at SAE Institute Melbourne. I had the pleasure of being helped out by a lovely crew of grips and electrics, a producer, and art designers. I was inspired by the Doritos Superbowl contests to make a 30-sec spot for their chips and decided to go with this quick and witty story.
I learned a lot from this shoot, specifically in terms of leadership and teamwork as I helped organize this shoot with over 20 people and it was one of my first times directing a group of actors. The major challenge for this shoot was finding a free location that looked like a hospital and when we could not, we had to transform an empty college building into one through art in a few hours and had less than 10 hours to complete the shoot. The result was a spot that I'm very happy with and one that opened me up to the advertising world.


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