Elemental Showdown
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Elemental Showdown

Elemental Showdown


Published: April 25, 2019 4 0 158
By: Valhalla Villarreal, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Game Design
Hashtags: #Game #GameDesign #Photoshop

This was my 2019 Game Jam and the first time I operated as an artist. I designed and created the characters within the game. I worked to create top down game style as well as provided background and assets that reflected a top down style. I used vector art in Illustrator and used Photoshop to touch up any design flaws. In this Game Jam the game was created within a two day period. I learned how to provide for my team on time as well as staying there for as long as they required me. I was able to listen to what the lead game designer wanted and produce what was asked for as well as make the adjustments when asked. The entire game displays all of my art except for the projectiles, the instruction images, and obstacles. In the end Elemental Showdown won the game jam!

Tagged Teammates:

  • Caleb Cuzner
  • Ishan Dutta
  • Jethro Schoppenhorst
  • Sam Hirsch


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