EMT Promo video
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EMT Promo video

EMT Promo video


Published: November 5, 2019 0 0 119
By: Alton Gooden, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Health Care
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This is a promo video for the Glendale Community College EMT department. They came to me asking to create an ad for their website in 2015. The ad is no longer online on their website as of 2017 due to changes in the department.

For this project, I was a "one-man-crew." I wrote, shot, edited, produced, edited, and added graphics for this project. The only thing I did not do was music.

This project took a very long time to do and I learned the importance of time management. It was very hard doing this on my own, but I was able complete it.

This is the first project that was ever put on a website.