Epoch Escape (Sound Designer, Composer)
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Epoch Escape (Sound Designer, Composer)

Epoch Escape (Sound Designer, Composer)


Published: January 23, 2019 0 0 238
By: Michael Martz, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Game Development
Hashtags: #c_sharp #Game #gameaudio #GameDevelopment #Music #music_composition #music_production #SFX #sound #sound_mixing #sounddesign #Unity #Videogame

Epoch Escape is a stealth based adventure puzzle game set in space. 6 heroes have found themselves suddenly zapped up by alien scientists from across time and held on their space ship for scientific testing. For our heroes, their mission to escape their captures, make their way back to the time machine and find their way home.

Players navigate through the spaceship floors in search of the power core fragments in order to unlock the door to the next level. In their quest, players must keep their detection low by evading security cameras and alien guards. Along the way, there are items throughout the game that help the player fight back against the aliens as well as character specific abilities unique to each character. These items are the key to your "epoch" escape.

This project was completed as coursework for some members of the team at the University of Washington, not including myself. I served as the project's sole sound designer and composer.