Extended Performance
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Extended Performance

Extended Performance


Published: August 20, 2019 0 0 226
By: Marisa Drinkwater, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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Short script written in Fall 2018
Total: 5 pages

A woman must come to terms with the reality that her daughter is not good at what she loves - yet, she must still be a supportive mother.

A mother, Sandra, socializes with other moms, who are bragging about their children’s achievements, before the high school band concert. During the concert, Sandra cringes in shame as her daughter, Melanie, messes up her solo horribly. After the concert, Sandra hides in her car, waiting for Melanie, and confronts her about how embarrassing the solo was to watch. Melanie is frustrated with her mother's compulsion to keep up the perfect appearance. Unable to handle anymore, Melanie asks her mom to drop her off to hang out with her band friends and Sandra agrees before attempting to straighten Melanie’s appearance. After Melanie storms out of the car, Sandra overhears another mother do nothing but critique her daughter's performance, and it opens her eyes to what is most important - being supportive instead of critical.


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