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Published: February 12, 2020 0 0 125
By: Ora Damelin, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Writing
Hashtags: #Blogging #Creativewriting #Facets #FilmHistory #reseach #Writing

While I was an intern at Facets, I had the opportunity to create and curate original content for the Facets blog. For the first time, I had a platform. I was writing on a deadline, promoting lesser known work and Facets new releases.
I wrote about how lesbian relationships on film were often exploited by the male gaze, and how Rama Burshtein explores the personal plights of Hasidic women with nuance and artistry in "Fill the Void. " I wrote an article that went viral by Facets standards, garnering 1,056 views overnight, angering a specific small corner of the internet. I learned that my words could travel, that my words had power.

In addition to original content, I also wrote in-depth reviews to publicize Facets' new releases. I had to watch fascinating foreign films, some obscure and some seminal, and analyze them within the context of history. Through these films, I was introduced to a new and fascinating cinema, one that has expanded my horizons as both a writer and an artist.