First They Came For
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First They Came For

First They Came For


Published: May 13, 2020 0 0 137
By: Sarah Pyne, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
Hashtags: #Documentary #Editing #Experimental #Film #finalproject #Project #Shortfilm #Television #Video

First They Came For is a short experimental film that was completed as my final project for Culture Race and Media. For this final project, we were asked to focus on one of the -isms (sexism. racism, homophobia, gender, etc) and create a project that was relevant to our major. As a video editor, I found it most logical to do a found footage film because the pandemic prevented me from filming anything myself. I found inspiration in the famous Martin Niemöller quote about the Nazi's coming for different groups of people and not standing up for them (full quote featured at the end of the video). My goal for this project was to put a modern twist on it by using recent footage of hate crimes and protests to show that nothing has really changed, and we need to stand up for each other now more than ever.


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