Fruve Proposed Mobile App Prototype
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Fruve Proposed Mobile App Prototype

Fruve Proposed Mobile App Prototype


Published: February 26, 2019 0 0 68
By: Joshua Mahlum, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Graphic Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #GraphicDesign #Illustration #TechEssentials

A few samples of a mobile app prototype using the very basics of Photoshop CS6 and structuring pages according to proposed outlook for mobile app users for Fruve Express Juicery located in the heart of South Loop in downtown Chicago. Here are just a few pages and used for prototype overflow on Invision Template Software. If you need more access to how this beautifully proposed mobile app look like, please contact me and I can show you what I can provide and how my UX design skills can benefit any employer or startup looking for the design works to be put in.

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