Global Warming Project
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Global Warming Project

Global Warming Project


Published: April 21, 2019 0 0 180
By: Fila Bates, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Art #Design #Graphic_Design #Graphicartanddesign #GraphicDesign #Illustration #Illustrator #Nature #natureart #naturedesign #natureExploration #Photoshop

The objective of this project was to create a series of posters that represented the effects of Global warming and how it affects the world. During this project, My first initial approach to this project was to research, I wanted to search and see what was already out there because it gave me insight into what has been done before, how was it done, what are the design elements, what design elements work and which ones don't work. and finally, can I simplify these designs in order to give the product a more simplistic and unified look. next, After I have researched and come up with a couple of ideas I then begin my process of sketching, I usually prefer to sketch simultaneously both traditionally by hand and digitally via the computer because I like to be able to sketch and render the piece all at the same time this allows me to visually see what works and what doesn't work with the overall design of the project and from there I can tweak the colors, typography, font, size, orientation, etc. After that, I began to arrange the text, set individual colors and get the overall text in the proper place. As I worked on this project I really didn't come across any challenges because my initial approach with researching and sketching helped me to flush out my idea and give me a clear picture of what the overall design was going to look like. In the end, the project turned out really well, I feel like I learned a lot about Design and it helped me improve myself as not only an artist but as a designer as well now I can design series more efficiently.


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