Humans Rights Preamble Poster
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Humans Rights Preamble Poster

Humans Rights Preamble Poster


Published: April 13, 2019 1 0 224
By: Oliver Grenke, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Graphic Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #Art #Design #Flyer #GraphicDesign #humanrights #Illustration #Illustrator #InDesign #Photoshop #Poster #Typography

In my graphic design 1 class, we were tasked with created a poster using the entire text of the UN Human Rights preamble. The earth design was my first attempt, but I ended up scraping it. I was feeling very inspired by Swiss design, which relies much more on typography, instead of imagery. I challenged myself to create a visually interesting poster with just text, and this was the result! We also had to apply two verbs to our final designs - fold, and touch, were the verbs I chose.


Oliver Grenke