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ICMC Film Selection Committee


Published: July 28, 2020 0 0 85
By: Sarah Thurman, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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The International Children's Media Center is a nonprofit cultural and educational organization dedicated to transforming the way children use, view and engage electronic screens.

My duties included watching, rating, and discussing short films submitted for consideration for ICMC programs, considering what factors would make a film a good fit for a specific program or festival based on given qualifications. When assigned to be the day’s “chair” duties included taking detailed notes about the day, playing the films, and running the discussion.

With each discussion I learned more and more about how to tell great stories that make an impact in 40 minutes or less, even sometimes in under 2 minutes! I hadn’t spent a ton of time prior to this internship watching short films, but now that we’ve watched over 500, I feel like I’ve learned so much about great storytelling. Are the characters compelling? Did you learn something? You don’t need to learn something in every film but I’ve definitely noticed we discuss the poignant films longer than others. I also learned about what makes certain films good for younger audiences in the 2-5 range. Qualities like color recognition, sound, animal recognition, etc. can make a film that appears over-simplified to our age group be really engaging for young learners.