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  • After Effects Timeline of one of the more complicated scenes.


Published: May 9, 2020 0 0 170
By: Jello Thompson, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Professional Development
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Final Project for Motion Graphics I at Columbia College Chicago.

In this short, I experimented with compositing and line animation within After Effects.
Special thanks to Dev J. Quincy for the score.

Cinematography by Julian Asper
Graphics by Jello Thompson
Edited by Jello Thompson
Score by Dev J. Quincy

I used After Effects to create this video that is a blend of not just motion graphics, but compositing and visual effects to create this final. I applied my skills and knowledge of motion design and editing to accomplish this project in the timeline that we had. I learned a lot about making a better workflow for myself as at the time, this was one of the biggest motion graphics/compositing heavy videos I have worked on so far.

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