Imposter's Gate (Radio Play)
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Imposter's Gate (Radio Play)

Imposter's Gate (Radio Play)


Published: February 7, 2020 0 0 138
By: Grace Tallmadge, Columbia College-Chicago
Category: Writing
Hashtags: #audiodrama #Creativewriting #Radio #radioplay #Teamworkandcollaboration #Writing

This project is a one-act radio play I cowrote with fellow members of the writing team in Columbia College Chicago's Audio Drama Club. My time creating this project was highly formative for me as it allowed me to experience the collaborative environment of a writer's room, and learn how to bounce ideas off of my teammates and work with them to achieve a common goal. The script is wacky and weird, and allowed to me to explore a genre in which I had almost no practice; in addition, the radio format challenged me to think of uniquely creative ways to convey a story without visuals.


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  • Devon Macnerland
  • Valencia Beamesderfer