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Published: June 29, 2019 1 0 45
By: Kelyn Lynch, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Other
Hashtags: #demographics #Fulfillment #Inventory #Inventorycontrol

- Demographic Research
- Adobe Creative Cloud
- Inventory / Fulfillment

One of the skills I've been working on is Demographic Research. By looking at all of the data and the customers information, we are able to see hot spots for where the brand is popular and where it is becoming more popular, as well as who the customer is - what do they like? what other brands do they wear? We are also able to then create clothes for the consumer and for this targeted market, in order to cater to them and increase our sales. Creative cloud is widely used with our PR / graphics and advertising, as well as a way to create mood boards and visualize collections. Inventory and fulfillment is all analytical and making sure customs are correct as well as getting inventory out as fast as possible. This also means we have to account for the website inventory and stock.

This photo is while running inventory, as I had to take photos in each of the items to show the fit. They then went in to the system to be sold.


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