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Just Be Friends

Just Be Friends


Published: January 1, 2019 1 0 318
By: JoJo Scanlon, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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Just Be Friends was a film I directed and had a hand in writing during my first semester of college. The story follows Gary; a barista at a coffee house in Chicago who's reeling after hearing his now ex-girlfriend, Jenny, has found a new man. Gary decides the best course of action is to kill Daniel, her new boyfriend. But what Gary doesn't realize is that the energy he's using to try and get back with his ex-flame doesn't have to be negative...
Originally, the story was supposed to be about Gary; a serial killer who falls for a girl at a coffee shop he works at. However, my professors said there was "too much violence against women", so I decided to shelve that idea for another time and instead try my hand at taking their critiques and making a story around them. This was the first project I officially made under Giottio Productions, and I'm genuinely proud of how it came out both plot-wise and visually.

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