Knowledge Standard 4: Characteristics
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Knowledge Standard 4: Characteristics

Knowledge Standard 4: Characteristics

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Published: June 19, 2019 0 0 17
By: Faith Walter, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Education

In this standard, I demonstrated my ability to recognize the psychological and social characteristics of resilient children and youth. Learning about the psychological and social characteristics of resilient children and youth has allowed me to recognize these traits in the students that I work with, and it has also allowed me to recognize which traits are lacking in my students so that I can employ strategies to foster these traits in the at-risk and diverse youth that I work with. Additionally, recognizing these traits allows me to emphasize and further build upon the traits that my students currently possess which allow them to be resilient.

Artifact 1, In this project, I was able to identify psychological and social characteristics of Wes Moore that allowed him to develop resilience and be successful. I did this through a character analysis and comparison of two characters, one of whom had characteristics of resilience, and one of whom did not.

Artifact 2, I put together a presentation to help teachers develop a toolkit of strategies by which they can increase the resilience of their students.