Lily Pool Party
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Lily Pool Party

Lily Pool Party


Published: August 26, 2019 0 1 44
By: Elsa Brydalski, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Graphic Design
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I moved to Chicago 6 months ago in January 2019. Over the summer I did a little exploring and came across a small lily pool located hidden behind the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo. It was so charming and mysterious. I felt inspired by it so I designed a pretend flyer for a non-existent event there called Alfred Cladwell's Lily Pond Party.

About The Alfred Cladwell Lily Pool: Alfred Cladwell was a prairie-style landscape architect who redesigned this area in 1936 after it was originally a Victorian Garden that was unmaintained from 1889.

During the building of this lily pond, Alfred wanted wildflowers, but the commissioners refused to give him the $250-$300 dollars needed for them. He had a life insurance policy with about $5,000 dollars in it that he cashed in so he could get those wild flowers.

Over time this pond was left ill-maintained. Invasive plants and rotting wood from the pavilions created a broken down version of a beautiful vision. Alfred, now an old man, came to it and was heart broken and upset by the lack of preservation. In the 1990's the Chicago park district raised money and received funding for a 2 million dollar restoration project. They followed Cladwell's plans as closely as possible. The pool is now as pristine as it was back in 1936, and it is a true gem to have in this beautiful city.