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Live Footage Music Videos

Live Footage Music Videos


Published: May 11, 2018 1 0 342
By: Sophia Abel, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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Found footage music videos for "Malevolence" by New Years Day, "All My Friends" and "Teenagers" by Palaye Royale, "Rock Show" by Halestorm, "Paint Me Red" by Avatar, "Fantastic Bastards" by Death Spells, and "Heroin" by Badflower.

The video for "Rock Show" by Halestorm was created when I noticed that there was no "official" music video, and that the only kind of video that would make sense for the song would use footage from the band's shows. Since it was clear an official video was not likely to be made, I decided to make the video myself. This video has since been adopted by many fans as the "unofficial official video" for this song. Because of popular demand, I continued making this style of videos of other bands. Many of these music videos have caught the attention of the bands in the videos as well as the fans, who have all helped share the videos to a larger audience.

To make these videos, I search online for footage from shows filmed by fans, of the bands playing the chosen songs, and keep a list of sources for crediting them. I collect footage from shows around the world, organize it, then edit it into a cohesive music video. It creates very unique and interesting music videos that could not easily be created with professional camera crews, and creates an exciting opportunity for fans.


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