Magazine Clippings Photoshop
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Magazine Clippings Photoshop

Magazine Clippings Photoshop

  • an eye peering above triangles
  • Woman in front of window with curtain. Behind the curtain is a face of a man.
  • Robot walking through a city
  • smiling lady with head cracked open to show brain-looks silly
  • man with twisted metal in front of eyes
  • Woman smiling sitting down with a white dress on and a background that looks like chiffon.
  • Table with woman's legs underneath in front of a bottle of alcohol
  • Faucet above a woman's mouth
  • Popsicle in front of swirled texture
  • Blue sweater with tall candles in front
  • Woman with top of head gone and an triangle cut out of her face.
  • Blue woman with blue lips with dots
  • A woman holding her baby with flames over them
  • A arm down across the image with leaves overlapping


Published: February 8, 2019 0 0 30
By: Maddy McEachen, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Graphic Design
Hashtags: #Art #Design #experiemental #experiements #Photoart #Photoshop #photoshop_elements #PhotoshopCC

I cut out clippings from magazines and scanned them. I took those scans and photoshopped different clippings together. I distorted the colors and structure of some images.