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Malibu Unicorn

Malibu Unicorn


Published: July 29, 2020 0 0 127
By: Jessica Abramovitz, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Business
Hashtags: #Apparel #Athlei #athleisure #Business #Fashion #Marketing #Retail #retaildesign #southport

As the final project for 'Math for Fashion', I developed a business plan for an athletic clothing retailer located in the Southport Corridor shopping district in Lakeview, Chicago. I built the brand concept from my experiences living on Southport and Lakeview for 2.5 years; I kept looking for the body-positive, full size-range, positively pink, and sparkly shopping experience while running around the neighborhood trying to buy colorful leggings for spin class. Lululemon, Athleta, and Soul Cycle never quite had what I desired consistently, season after season.

Completing this course opened my eyes to the true cost behind running a retailer. I was challenged to demonstrate an understanding of COGS, average monthly sales, and gross margin without having access to authentic retail sales data. None the less, developing the Malibu Unicorn business plan put the numbers to work and shows my ability to balance my ability to be cute and to create customer-focused creative projects.


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