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Published: August 20, 2019 0 0 228
By: Marisa Drinkwater, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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First ten pages from feature length screenplay written in Spring, 2019
Total: 87 pages

A new wife is put to the test when her mother-in-law comes to stay with the newlyweds in this psychological thriller.

Julian brings his girlfriend, Bethany, home to meet his family for the first time. His sisters love her, but his mother, Celia, is convinced they won’t last. Flash forward, Bethany and Julian are tying the knot. It’s a joyous occasion for all, but Celia. After the wedding, Bethany picks up on Celia’s dislike for her and brings it up to Julian, who suggests they invite their families over for a visit to bond. Throughout the weekend stay, Celia plays mind games with Bethany, and whenever she brings it up to Julian, he always takes his mother’s side. On the last night of the weekend, Bethany and Julian excitedly reveal that they are expecting a child, until Celia offers to stay with them during the pregnancy, much to Bethany’s displeasure. During the 9 months of pregnancy, the tension between Celia and Bethany grows. What starts as Celia’s passive aggressive comments turns into her replacing prenatal vitamins, feeding Bethany dangerous herbs under the guise of being healthy, and threatening Bethany physically. When the doctor notices Bethany’s deteriorating health, they realize something must be done and Bethany makes Julian kick his mother out of the house. When Bethany’s dog is later attacked on their front lawn, Bethany knows it can’t be a coincidence. She is extremely paranoid about Celia’s actions, but Julian makes her feel crazy for accusing his mother of such crimes. But, after their house mysteriously catches on fire, Julian and Bethany have no other choice than to stay with Celia. Unable to handle it, Bethany makes a desperate attempt to escape and leave Julian behind, but Celia catches her and makes her confront Julian. During the fight, Bethany’s water breaks and she is rushed to the hospital. After an eventful labor process, Bethany finds Celia with her baby boy. Extremely protective and aware of what Celia can do, Bethany’s maternal instinct kicks into protect her baby and she stabs Celia in the neck with a scalpel when she gets too close. Bethany leaves the hospital with her baby, vowing that she will never let anything happen to her boy - a statement remiscent of her evil mother-in-law.


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