Midnight Strays
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Midnight Strays

Midnight Strays


Published: May 7, 2020 0 0 101
By: Joe Jackson, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Creative & Performance
Hashtags: #Animation #animationfoundations #Anime #Editing #Film #Production #Project #Video #Writing

*Warning: violence*

This is my current long-term project and something of a continuation of my final for my Animations Foundations class from Columbia. This is going to be a tri-weekly or monthly web series comprising a series of shorts with a serialized format that, when watched together form almost a full length film. This is just a small sampling of the first episode. This was started back in March and I'm looking to finish it by next year.

An homage to the dark and often very violent anime direct to video OVAS of the 1990s like Ninja Scroll, Angel Cop or more, the series focuses on the trials of a woman known only as "The Lady in Red." Stripped away from her home while she was very young, she was raised to be a hunter, an assassin for hire, managed by a mysterious and often times merciless brotherhood known as Dragon's Door. After realizing that she's losing her grasp on what little humanity is left in her, she runs away from the group, alongside her partner, Voodoo Child to settle for a quieter life divorced from the profession. However, the brotherhood is not far behind, along with someone who Lady has hurt in the past, will she be able to live in peace after all?